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What's working NOW:

Nonprofit Direct Mail Trends Report

Hosted by
Mary Kate Gulick
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September 9th
1:00 pm CDT

Nonprofit marketing master Kelley Peterson

will share the findings of her comprehensive

annual appeal study, including:

How to capture attention in the first 20 seconds

The most effective fundraising direct mailers know how to stay out of the trash and get right onto the radar of their recipients.

Getting personal to get the donations

Learn to use smart, effective personalization. It's easier (and more affordable) than ever to connect meaningfully with your donors through direct mail.

What works (and what doesn't)

Kelley will walk you through the most effective tactics in direct mail fundraising, and the ones you want to avoid to keep your response rate high.

Little things that make a BIG difference

Discover the small tweaks to your direct mailer that can have a massive impact on your end-of-year donations.


Meet Kelley Peterson

Kelley blends her command of solid marketing principles (she’s the only creative director in the state of Nebraska to hold Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) status through the American Marketing Association), career experience in both corporate and nonprofit settings, and creative savvy together in the impactful, award-winning work she does for clients in brand creation and advancement, event strategy, direct marketing and social media. Kelley is the Vice President : Nonprofit Creative Director at KidGlov.

September 9th
1:00 pm CDT